Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From The Heart~

Happy New Year! My New Year celebration seems to last longer than the norm each and every year for me! Why? because I have an early January birthday. Christmas cards seem to run right into "Happy New Year" greetings and then Happy Birthday wishes. The Birthday greetings, grandbaby kisses notes and artwork, cards from family and friends lengthens my holiday season and brings joy to my heart.  Lots of love was sent my way this year. I am very thankful for the blessings that I have. And, like I say with each birthday that rolls around, I refuse to get old!

Next up? VALENTINE'S DAY! The heart is a complicated organ. We are told to talk from the heart, feel with our heart, give from the heart and also to guard our hearts. According to the Bible, the center of a person is the heart. It is the wellspring of life. Our heart can fail us, and at times ache. But our heart can also bring great joy. Giving to others, random acts of kindness, surprise gifts or phone calls, sending a greeting card-remember them? These all bring joy to others but especially to the one on the giving end.

I've created some special Valentine Day items in my Etsy shops. Among those are fabric heart wall hangings, heart on a sleeve wool coat, Sachet pillows, and sweet Baby Gifts including- fabric love filled scrapbook/journals. I'm in the middle of creating 2 little girl themed fabric journals. One will sail to Australia for a new grandma, the other will fly to California for a new mom baby shower gift. I love to think about all the things mama's and grandmother's will place into these little handmade gifts from the heart. Treasures will fill the pockets, notes and photos will be added, a first lost tooth, a little curl, special occasion photos,etc..A keepsake for sure! I often add a little organza bag of special Tamilyn "Fairy Dust." After all, every girl should own some!