Monday, November 4, 2013

Shop LOCAL for Tami Lyn Items!

I am now up and running in my Rochester area!

Come see many new items in my Tami Lyn Creations shop located at:
The Shops On West Ridge ( W. Ridge Road- Next to Lowes Plaza)

The Shops have many new changes besides their name. ( Used to be called The Antique Co-op).
There are many Paris themed, Shabby Chic shops. Wonderful Holiday decorations for sale, etc..
There are many MEN shops, furniture, tools, antiques, handmade wonders, jewelry, food, and more!

There is a new Café: Patty's Pantry! She makes all home made items and also sells cheeses, gourmet cheesecake slices, etc... in her cooler) Take a break and have something yummy with great coffee and then keep on shopping!
Tami Lyn's Creations is located underneath the Café. There is a hidden staircase behind the café dining room. Head down and turn left!

My personal shop will be having a 20% off SALE until January 5th! I have an array of different priced items and stocking stuffers, keepsake gifts and unique accessories and clothing for your wardrobe!

The Dicken's Festival officially kicks off the first wknd in November. The entire staff will be dressed up in their costumes until end of December.

I am still creating and selling for my online Etsy shops. It is a delight and a need of mine to design and create whatever pops into my head on any given day or week.

Have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season friends!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tami Lyn Creations: Up and RUNNING!

Well, yet another dream of mine has just little store front in our local area has opened for business! Many thanks to my husband and children for their support and donations of display pieces, use of their vans, trucks and muscle! I couldn't have done it without you all!

I had fun arranging my items the first set up day. I however soon discovered that my space was not large enough for all of my treasures. So I will need to rotate them now and then.

Autumn is just around the corner and it will be a treat to add a little Christmas tree to my shop, more white twinkle lights, handmade ornaments, garlands, stockings and fabric books and romantic garments to make your holiday special!

I'd love your input after visiting my area. I'm wondering if I should have a guest book for visitors to sign and write suggestions, custom requests, etc...?

I'm hoping to be an asset and blessing in my little corner at "The Shops On West Ridge".
I'm on the awesome lower level back near the restroom.

The little café above me has yummy home made treats and coffees to nourish you as you shop!
There is a staircase ( kind of hidden) adjacent to the café. If you take those stairs down, I am located under the café :)

Tami Lyn Creations WELCOMES You and your loved ones dear friends!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Lovin

When I was little, the one man who brought Sunshine to my life was my dad.
I never saw him mad. I never saw him sad. I never saw him mean. He was the rock of our family.
He is still with us, but he is not the same. He has an illness that keeps him from talking, or laughing. I see him smile at times, as best as he can. You can see it in his eyes mostly. He used to love to laugh.

One of the highlights of my Summer so far was seeing him on Father's Day.
It was great. He seemed to enjoy the outside events his Nursing Home had. There was live music which seemed to lift his spirits. Dad has always loved music. One day in Heaven he will sing again. He will laugh again. He will hug again. I believe arms were made for hugging. I miss his hugs. I've needed them, but am unable to receive them, at least for now. One day I will again. It will be a glorious day.

Another "Summer Lovin" I'm enjoying is the fact that I have a Mama duck setting on her eggs underneath one of my shrubs. This is a first for me. I talk to her. I've named her Dori. She is very shy and very protective, like all good mama's are. I'm anxiously waiting to hear soft chirps from under that shrub. It is taking forever! I sure hope I'll be home the day they emerge and head for the pond. I'll have my camera in hand, for sure!

I also enjoy flowers this time of year. There were GLORIOUS roses for sale at my Market today. I wanted them all, but settled for a great photograph instead. I have a yellow rose bush. I dry the petals to put into my romantic handmade tamilyn journals.

I've been creating extra items for my online shops as well as for my shop-to-be.
I plan on opening a shop within a shop by Labor Day weekend.
Our garage is getting a little crowded with all my Shabby Chic and stenciled display furniture.
It's coming along nicely...I even found a bargain chandelier and cannot wait to "set up shop!" Planning is half the fun! If you are local it will be at: The Shops On West Ridge.

Stop by my online shops sometime, until then I will attach some photos for you here.

 I now include sheer gift bags with all my Romantic Keepsake Fabric Journals!
Have a great Summer!

P.S. Look carefully at the 2nd from last photo and you will see Dori!!

XX Tami Lyn

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There's a little Audrey in all of us.

There is a little Audrey in all of us gals!

Did you know Aprons weren't just for baking any more? No!
There is even a magazine devoted just to them! It is called Apronology by Stampington! You may have seen it at JoAnne Fabrics!

Aprons as well as being functional can be very romantic and feminine to wear!
The word Apron means: A protective OR decorative OR official garment worn over one's clothing. Feel like a Princess next time you serve tea to your gal pals!

Feel Official as you wear your Tamilyn vendor apron! She will custom make one just for you!

Feel romantic as you serve your Husband breakfast in bed!

Aprons can be functional and cute as you attend your favorite Farmer's Market or Flower Market!
Aprons make the PERFECT Bridal Shower gift! Mother's Day gift! Graduation gift! New business gift!

A pinafore apron adds a cute touch to your favorite dress or jeans! After all, there's a little "Audrey" in all of us! Use your own imagination!
Visit my shop for more cute aprons..Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From The Heart~

Happy New Year! My New Year celebration seems to last longer than the norm each and every year for me! Why? because I have an early January birthday. Christmas cards seem to run right into "Happy New Year" greetings and then Happy Birthday wishes. The Birthday greetings, grandbaby kisses notes and artwork, cards from family and friends lengthens my holiday season and brings joy to my heart.  Lots of love was sent my way this year. I am very thankful for the blessings that I have. And, like I say with each birthday that rolls around, I refuse to get old!

Next up? VALENTINE'S DAY! The heart is a complicated organ. We are told to talk from the heart, feel with our heart, give from the heart and also to guard our hearts. According to the Bible, the center of a person is the heart. It is the wellspring of life. Our heart can fail us, and at times ache. But our heart can also bring great joy. Giving to others, random acts of kindness, surprise gifts or phone calls, sending a greeting card-remember them? These all bring joy to others but especially to the one on the giving end.

I've created some special Valentine Day items in my Etsy shops. Among those are fabric heart wall hangings, heart on a sleeve wool coat, Sachet pillows, and sweet Baby Gifts including- fabric love filled scrapbook/journals. I'm in the middle of creating 2 little girl themed fabric journals. One will sail to Australia for a new grandma, the other will fly to California for a new mom baby shower gift. I love to think about all the things mama's and grandmother's will place into these little handmade gifts from the heart. Treasures will fill the pockets, notes and photos will be added, a first lost tooth, a little curl, special occasion photos,etc..A keepsake for sure! I often add a little organza bag of special Tamilyn "Fairy Dust." After all, every girl should own some!