Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MEMORIES Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Memories are, simply put, recollections...re-living and reviving an experience, people, events, and so on, from your past.
A scent can trigger a memory, a song, a time of year, a meal, etc.
Photos are a great way to keep your fondest memories alive.
I can print any photo you send me via the internet, onto fabric and create something lasting and beautiful for you. A fabric banner, journal, frameable art, are a couple ideas. I would also love to add your sweet baby clothes or jewelry to your piece of art.
A printed image can also make a sweet pillow, handbag or decorative pocket- let your imagination go!
Remember forever your life experiences which have special meaning. Let Tamilyn create an heirloom for you! Keep old and new friends and family with you for years to come.
I may have something that suites you already in one of my shops, so visit often!
Have a beautiful day!

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