Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Renewal

So often when designing a new item, I will run into obstacles.
And, often, the item turns out better than it would have if I continued with what I originally envisioned.
I've learned to laugh at my mistakes and setbacks now, God creates through me, of this, I am positive! So, who am I to argue with him? He often teaches me lessons along the way, patience for one...(can we get an Amen!? )
If any of you know me well, you know I am a very impatient creature...but I can't help it, I cannot wait to see the final product!
This reminded me of something; often things need to die or wither before they become better.
Many times I need to yield myself and take a different route.
This, of course, reminded me of food ( big surprise!) like my spinach for Easter tomorrow...the fresh leaves will become steamed and wilted, flavored and tweeked into something totally different- yummy creamed spinach to add to our Ham dinner!
Speaking of is a perfect analogy! Birth of baby chicks, baby bunnies, new flowers come to life, buds on trees pop out and grass becomes green again!
God sent his perfect son to die and become worn, beaten, and in pain for us. But, he came to life 3 days later! Such a glorious morning that must have been on that very first Easter!
So, next time you make creamed spinach, a sand castle, or mistake while you create, remember the sacrifice Jesus made so we could be in Heaven with him one day.
Happy creating!
Happy lessons learned!
And, Happy Easter!
John 3:16

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