Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Settled~~~~

Things are coming together nicely folks.
We're getting used to the "noises" in our new home- furnace, ice maker, nearby trains.
It really feels like home now...Adding our own touches really makes a difference.
Here is a photo or two of the outside and some of the inside front "Ladie's Nook"
More photos to follow.
Little Italy is coming together too! Yipee! Cannot wait to move everything else in there after the hard woods are done. I love to create and design in a beautiful place.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day soon! I made this fleece wreath in winter white for my front door in Honor of Valentine's Day...
You'll need white topped straight pins, styrofoam heart wreath form and lots of fleece circles about 3" across.
Fold each circle twice so it looks like a fortune cookie and pin the "point" into your wreath. If it is a shallow wreath, as mine was, you'll need to push them in at an angle. Fill the front and inside curve, but not the back. There, done!

Monday, January 16, 2012

French Horns in Central Park

French horns in the park on a warm Spring day after a long long winter...that is how I feel right now....so thankful, so at peace, so overwhelmed with God's gifts!
We're in our new home, it is just perfect for us....God has a way of giving us exactly what we need and nothing more.
Now, when I drive by a home "for sale" I can feel myself start to tense, my blood pressure start to rise, and then it hits me. No need to worry, no need to fret, I have taken care of you my daughter.
Yes, Lord, you have....help me never forget all you've carried us through.
Help me never to forget what a blessing my bright walk- in closet is!
Help me never to forget what a blessing my one- story living is!
Help me never to forget what a blessing my main floor laundry room is!
Help me never ever forget that you gave it all to me and I should never want for more!
We are in, not quite unpacked, but.....WE ARE IN!
Let the decorating and creating begin...
I love my new "Little Italy" studio room and cannot wait to get it settled.
Can you feel the breeze? Can you hear the French horns?
Tami Lyn can....help me never to forget!