Saturday, November 26, 2011

Officially Christmas

So it's the Christmas Season do I know?
I saw the first tree tied to a car roof today!

I also had my hand kissed by the sweetest Italian Senior Citizen Gentleman, he was so adorable and asked me if I wanted to cook him dinner. Precious!

My creative juices have been flowing, whether or not my husband wants them to.
You see, the Lord has blessed us with a buyer for our large family home and we will be moving, Lord willing, to our new (used but 6 yr. old) one level home. I call it my Dollhouse, because we are down sizing and I have so many ideas for it...not that it needs much of anything, but I do want to make it our own, paint the front door, add a vegetable garden and privacy plantings, etc...

I will have a new studio to work from ( A.K.A. Little Italy)
May be putting my shops in vacation mode during our move...end of December is the plan.

In the mean time, I will be planning and searching for antique goodies for my new creations.
Have a Blessed Christmas!

XX Tami Lyn


Traci Michele said...

I love everything about the Christmas season! How fun to see the first tree on the top of a car. I always get teary eyed this time of year!


Annesta said...

Welcome to the blogging world. You have a very special daughter.
Congratulations on your new home. We have been in the same house for 28 years...probably will be here for ever!

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Welcome! I love this time of year too! We started putting up our Christmas/Advent decorations today and I just love the warm and cozy feel of the holiday season! I look forward to "strolling" through your blog and shops. My husband manages bi-polar it looks like we have something in common in our lives with the folks we love.

God bless you!

Mary Joy

Christy B said...

I love your post - gorgious blog!!

grammie said...

Thank you ladies!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I've been a reader of your beautiful daughter's blog for a couple of years now!

I can't wait to see what you will be making.

Traci did a beautiful job on your blog. It's so dreamy and feminine!

grammie said...

Thank you Michelle, I's just how I wanted it!
So glad you enjoy Traci's writings..they're always so perfect for me at the time I read them!
I have many items currently in my shops, you are welcome to visit them any time by clicking on their button :)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Heather said...

Hello! Just popping over from your daughter's.
What a beautiful looking blog :)
God bless your endeavours!

grammie said...

Thank you Heather for your visit and kind words!

Anni said...

Tami I love your blog !
Its beautiful and a reflection of beautiful you :)
I saw that you love vintage handcrafted jewelry. My sister in law Janet makes handcrafted and vintage jewerly. If you want to check out her collection go to

grammie said...

Thank you Anni! I'll check out Janet's shop, I love etsy!

The Better Baker said...

Welcome to Blogland! This is a very lovely blog and I'm excited to see more. Your daughter is such a beautiful person, I know you have to be also. =) I have downsized too, and it feels good to not have as much to take care of. Blessings on all you do!

grammie said...

Thank you for your welcome Better Baker! Your sweet comments just warm my heart.