Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grant Me A Miracle

Grant Me a Miracle
Written by: Tami

For some reason I was in the woods, following the largest
grizzly bear I’d ever seen, not that I’d ever seen one, except on
television. I knew the rangers had been
looking for him, I assumed it was because he was dangerous, so I kept my
distance. I didn’t know so much blubber
could run so fast!
A distant scream awoke me from this crazy dream as I
stumbled from my bed following the Pide- Piper cry I now recognized as our 3
month old grandbaby. Even though clearly not awake myself I was drawn to the sound.
It became louder as I reached his room across the hall. I opened the door,
softly reassured him that, “I’ll be right back,” and “It’s okay,” then did a
360 to prepare his bottle.

Not remembering my
robe, or taking the time to grab it, I shivered. Waiting for the water to turn
warm seemed like an eternity as the scream got more intense.
Shaking the bottle well I mentally tallied all I needed
for this 4th in a row, two a.m. feeding. Bottle, bib, burp cloth,
binky, blanket.
Reaching down to lift up the squirming infant it all came
back to me, like riding a bike as they say.
You’d think the precious bundle hadn’t eaten in days the
way he wailed and arched!

There is nothing like the sweet smell, the warm body
heat, the way his fingers tugged my curls, and the sweet big eyes pleading with
me. Soon all was peaceful except for the faint sound of gulping milk. I wrapped
him in the blanket, tucked the burp cloth under his chin, held his warm hands,
and all became well with the world. I suddenly forgot my chill and worries of
this life. The little eyes held mine for the next hour. Funny, but nothing else
seemed to matter right then. I forgot about being cold, my aching back and lack
of sleep. It was so nice being depended upon by one of God’s tiniest creations.
He is another one of our blessings, and yes, his name is Grant.

Note from author: We watched our ninth grandbaby this
week for 4 nights and 5 days while our daughter and husband were away enjoying
their gifted trip. Looks like we made it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Little Girls Are Made Of

What Little Girls Are Made Of

Bonnets and lockets, ruffles and lace,
Princess dreams, curls and grace.

Tea cups tipped and Daddy dates.
That’s what little girls are made

Tip toe kisses and candle wishes,
Playing dress up and washing

Deep down giggles, tear stained
cheeks, talks with Mom, hearts to mend.
Pictures drawn, prayers all said,
another day to rest her head.

Dress all pressed, arms around your neck,
Hair combed twice, sugar and spice.
That’s what girls are made of.

Dad approves, he is the one.
Pray without ceasing, your work is

Written by: Tami
Lyn Stanton

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Officially Christmas

So it's the Christmas Season do I know?
I saw the first tree tied to a car roof today!

I also had my hand kissed by the sweetest Italian Senior Citizen Gentleman, he was so adorable and asked me if I wanted to cook him dinner. Precious!

My creative juices have been flowing, whether or not my husband wants them to.
You see, the Lord has blessed us with a buyer for our large family home and we will be moving, Lord willing, to our new (used but 6 yr. old) one level home. I call it my Dollhouse, because we are down sizing and I have so many ideas for it...not that it needs much of anything, but I do want to make it our own, paint the front door, add a vegetable garden and privacy plantings, etc...

I will have a new studio to work from ( A.K.A. Little Italy)
May be putting my shops in vacation mode during our move...end of December is the plan.

In the mean time, I will be planning and searching for antique goodies for my new creations.
Have a Blessed Christmas!

XX Tami Lyn